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Our programs help people manage money more effectively. Join us to learn about personal finances, including budgeting, credit, banking, insurance, recordkeeping, getting out of debt, identity theft, planning for retirement and other topics that can help you secure a healthy financial future. We offer workshops, series classes, speakers for groups, and individual consultations. Click the links below to get more information on our programs, volunteer opportunities, and program sponsorship.

How We Can Help

This workshop offers support for those who may be struggling with financial hardships. Get information about relief options, spending plans, community resources, prioritizing, contacting creditors, and protection from scams and risky loans. Participants will learn how to make their own plan to cope or help someone they care about recover from a financial crisis.

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These community-based classes show participants how to take control of their finances, covering budgeting, credit banking, insurance, record-keeping, and getting out of debt. People can complete an interest survey at this link:

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Programs held at your business can help your employees take control of their finances, which in turn can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and decrease your costs of managing garnishments, creditor calls, etc. We have a variety of workshops available at no cost to the employer.

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These free, confidential, virtual chats offer people a convenient way to get trustworthy answers to their financial questions. We schedule chats at a time convenient for participants, including evenings or weekends. People can ask a financial question at this link:

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Our most important goal is to meet the needs in our region for financial education. We can work with you to develop customized programs for your group or organization. Our schedules are flexible and we can work within the timeframe you have available. The flyer below provides some sample workshop topics and descriptions.

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These programs give students the chance to experience personal finances in the real world.  Students receive a scenario and then visit stations around the room such as food, housing, and transportation to 'spend' their monthly salary. These programs complement the grade-level SOLs and present the concepts using the 4-H Experiential Learning Model.

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“Strengthening Personal Finances Through Education”

How We Can Help

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Volunteer Opportunities

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