The appropriate and safe use of pesticides is a vital part of pest management education. Pesticide safety education in Virginia is multiple disciplinary and results in the training and certification of pesticide applicators to apply restricted use pesticides. Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) conducts statewide educational programs to protect the environment and the public health from improper pesticide use through applicator and public education. The primary target audience includes certified and non-certified pesticide applicators of all kinds, farm workers, and the general public. Most of the program activity involves training support for a group of approximately 19,000 pesticide applicators who seek training in order to comply with federal and state pesticide laws. VCE is positioned to fill these educational needs and is the primary pest management educator through the efforts of its agents and specialists. This program reaches every Virginia locality through organized educational programs, demonstrations, consultations, publications, audio/visual media, and Internet resources.

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