Manure Testing Funded through the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), manure samples are sent to the Clemson University Agriculture Service Laboratory for testing. Samples are analyzed for: % Moisture, Total Nitrogen or TKN, Total Phosphate, Potash, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur and certain micronutrients reported in pounds per 1,000 gallons and as a percentage on a wet basis. Containers, sample forms, and instructions can be obtained from a local Extension office. Your local Extension agent or DCR nutrient management specialist should be consulted for interpretation of the results. Contact: Your local Virginia Cooperative Extension agent

New Manure Sample Forms DCR will pay for the processing of two manure samples per client. Those needing more than two tests should contact the Clemson University lab to arrange for payment of the additional samples. Samples must be sent to the Agricultural Service Laboratory at Clemson. Click here to visit the lab's website where you'll find useful information about the collection and handling of manure samples, as well as the form you'll need to fill out for the DCR-paid samples (PDF). Be sure to completely fill in the form.