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Animal Science and Equine

Educational opportunities and information relating to livestock (beef cattle, sheep, and swine) equine, or poultry are available in person to person on site visits, seminars, workshops, field days, webinars, videos, social media outlets and many formats.  Our programs are designed to meet the needs of both the large or smaller/backyard/homesteading type of production and help the activity or enterprise become sustainable.

Some of the include programs in areas such as livestock business management, equine science, animal breeding and genetics, reproductive physiology, neurophysiology, embryology, nutrition, and biotechnology. 

 Animal Science educational programs are offered on the biology and management of food animal while maintaining quality, safety and security.  Find out how to become a certified Beef Quality Assured producer, Pork Quality Assured producer or a Youth for the Quality Care of Animals certified producer or a Master Cattleman.   Educational opportunities are provided to help you produce animal based proteins utilizing researched based industry specific methods that are humane, both conventional or organic, improve water and air quality while producing a quality product.

Our goals are to discover and disseminate new techniques and information to benefit animals, agriculture and human health.   

For additional information, please contact:           Corey Childs


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