Our programs focus on private applicator re-certification trainings, as well as core preparation classes for persons interested in obtaining private applicator licenses, and facilitation of private applicator exams. We also provide commercial applicator re-certification training for ornamental, turf, right-of-way, and agricultural pest control categories. Commercial Applicator re-certification program classes in Shenandoah, Warren, Frederick, Page and Clarke are held in January. Commercial applicators and registered technicians must participate in an ongoing pesticide education program. At a minimum, commercial applicators and registered technicians must attend at least one fully approved recertification session per category every two years. Applicators may accumulate up to four years of recertification credit. Persons who fail to recertify will not be able to renew their certificates.Failure to maintain a certificate, either due to failure to respond to the renewal notice or failure to recertify, will result in expiration. Persons who allow their certificate(s) to lapse (for more than 60 days) must retest in the core material as well as the appropriate category or categories. Commercial applicators and registered technicians who choose to recertify by re-examination or who must be examined to reactivate a lapsed certificate must apply for examination and pay an application fee. http://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/pesticide-applicator-certification.shtml

Private applicator re-certification classes in Shenandoah, Warren, Frederick, Page and Clarke are held from November through January. Re-certification training fulfills the “every two years” requirement, although a licensee can bank up to four years of re-certification credit by attending additional classes. Material covered in the classes is timely and relevant, covering a wide range of topics. Persons interested in obtaining their private pesticide license can purchase the core training manual from Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs. After reading and studying the manual, new applicants can schedule to take the exam at any VCE unit office. The exam is then sent to VDACS Office of Pesticide Services, where it is graded. If a passing score is received, a license is sent out within two weeks. http://vtpp.ext.vt.edu/